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E-Teacher for IELTS preparation

E-teacher helps IELTS students prepare for the IELTS Academic and General Training test. Qualified English Teachers can register to the e-community and helps candidates to understand what they really need to improve for the IELTS exam and how to reach for the maximum band score which they need. Also students who were participated for the exam can share their real experience with the community to help the candidates to prepare for their exams in a positive manner.
Both Academic and General Exams examine four sections from a candidate, which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. In E-Teacher web site includes materials which will be guide the registered candidate to enhance their knowledge in each section separately. Also materials are available to self examine their progress and get the guidance from online teacher as well.
E-Teacher includes following:
• Online IELTS tutoring with experienced IELTS tutors - Candidate can either download or can request self tutoring materials and get support from an experienced teacher.
• An IELTS preparation blog prepared by students who have completed IELTS exams to guide the new candidates.
• IELTS webinars – uploaded videos which guides the students to improve their speaking and writing skills.
• Candidates can rate the self tutoring materials as well as the tutor who has helped him according to the progress he has achieved.
• Individual feedback – detailed feedback and advice from your tutor (who has met online) on how to improve your English and your IELTS band score.

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